Progress through creativity, the journey of Icaro Doria

Creativity is never finished. It doesn’t stop after your first brilliant idea, and it doesn’t suddenly vanish when you win your first Lion. Creativity is a constant process, and no one knows that quite like Icaro Doria who has won over 30 Lions. 

Inspired as a youth by brilliant Brazillian commercials, Icaro always knew he wanted to be a copywriter in an advertising agency. Now, some twenty years on, and with a trio of Chief Creative Officer roles under his belt, he has started the next stage of his journey as the newly appointed CCO of Hill Holliday, New York.

Icaro Doria, Chief Creative Officer, Hill Holliday

In this film, Icaro takes you through each and every moment of his creative journey thus far – including all its stages and diversions  – from his first moment of recognition, to his current role, and the Lions he earned along the way. 

The first in a new series called Progress Through Creativity, each episode dissects the path some of the world’s most inspirational creatives took to get where they are today. 

Take a look at what it really means to become a multi-Lion winning creative, and how winning a Lion isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning.

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