Programmatic platform from Washington Post now available

1 year ago
washington post

It looks like the Washington Post is now stamping its authority in the world of technology as well as journalism.

According to AdWeek, the company will be releasing its ad-tech stack, Zeus, to publishers across the web.

Standard and premium packages are available with access to in-house ad tech teams as well.

The company also announced it would be expanding its programmatic team within Arc Publishing to offer what it’s calling Zeus as a Service.

This package includes those same ad-tech tools and makes the Post’s programmatic sales and engineering team available to partners on an ongoing basis.

According to Jarrod Dicker, the Post’s VP of commercial technology and development, this will help gun-shy publishers best optimize their personal ad-tech alongside Zeus.

“We know that not every publisher might have that expertise, or may not necessarily be staffed to understand what they should be doing in this space,” Dicker said.

“We’re trying to alleviate all of that, and we’re able to tie it into a lot of tools that make for a seamless process,” he expanded.

Dicker said that with closed networks like Facebook and Google, and others that are out of the ecosystem, the Post is trying a new way forward.

“We’re trying to bring the community of publishers closer together through shared technology,” he concluded.

Source: AdWeek