The Science of Insights – Unlocking Consumer Behaviour Post Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 virus left a lasting imprint globally. We’ve witnessed the world go through some major changes and in most cases, these changes seem permanent. iWISERS, one of the leading social and data analytics experts in APAC, has found some rather riveting insights on this, particularly, the changes in consumer behaviour post pandemic.

In the aptly titled white paper, The Science of Insights: Unlocking Consumer Behaviour Post Pandemic, the company has revealed the shift seen in user habits on social media since the pandemic, as well as their spending habits, with most consumers now opting not to make impulsive purchases and instead, choosing to only buy items if it’s on sale or at a discounted price.

The data, which explores 5 Southeast Asian countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, reveals that we’re seeing a significant change in the way people make purchases in today’s world.

Singaporeans are now favouring house brands over big brands, the e-commerce boom is proving to be huge in Vietnam and Indonesian consumers are open to switching brands if they find more value in a product made from a different company.

The white paper also delves deep into the social media usage among Malaysian consumers and suggests ways in which brands can take advantage of individual platforms. One of these suggestions is for brands to create brand personas to thrive on Twitter, a platform that has been going through some drastic changes recently since the new takeover.

This change that has occurred among users is something for brands and marketers to take note of, as leveraging the right angle on individual platforms is important to achieve success, given how vastly different the user base is on those platforms. It is imperative that marketers use data when advertising and it is this exact data that will help a brand reach the right audience.

The virality cycle is also explored in this white paper and an important takeaway from it is how much the cycle has changed since the pandemic. Things simply don’t go as viral as they once used to, and when it does – it doesn’t stay that way for long.

You can download and read iWISERS’ complimentary white paper in its entirety here and opt to also sign up for their webinar happening on February 28, 2023 from 3.30PM to 4.30PM and March 15, 2023 from 5.00PM to 6.00PM where they delve deeper into this topic and provide more insight on the changes in consumer behaviour and their usage habits on social media.

iWISERS has a multitude of social intel solutions, digital marketing creatives, consultancy and custom objective research services working with brands across APAC.

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