Paper signs on windows of fast-food restaurants pop up across US as workers allegedly quit

Several fast-food and fast-casual restaurants across America are experiencing a shortage of workers as many are forced to close, claiming their employees have quit on them. The issue first gained traction on social media when Twitter user, Devita Davison, tweeted three photos of different restaurants that have posted paper notices outside their windows or on the restaurant’s drive thru POS system.

“We’re literally watching the largest labor movement in modern American history happen in the form of paper signs taped to the windows of fast-food and fast-casual restaurants!” Devita wrote in her Tweet.

On the Carl’s Jr. subsidiary restaurant, Hardees, a notice that states “Due to no staff, we are closed. We are hiring,” was posted at the restaurant’s drive thru entry point and meanwhile, at a Wendy’s outlet, a notice posted on the drive thru POS system states, “We All Quit!! CLOSED!!”

Since Devita’s Tweet was posted on Sunday, several other Twitter users have replied by adding similar paper signs they have seen at their local restaurants.

Twitter user Natalie replied with a photo of a similar paper sign found at an unidentified fast-food restaurant that read, “We are temporarily closed because people do not show up for the job they signed up for”.

Several Twitter users who have reacted to Devita’s Tweet praised the “unofficial labour movement” and reemphasised that it was caused by insufficient wages, lack of health care and childcare and the stress of servicing customers who refuse to wear masks, compromising the safety of the restaurants workers.

According to CNBC, certain enhanced unemployment benefits “serves as a disincentive” for lower-paid workers to return to their jobs, said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Several other challenges combined with a lingering fear over the pandemic’s future path  is still keeping some workers at home at home and the shortage is stressing out business owners who are trying to staff up, as well as employees who must work longer hours to compensate for the lack of available personnel, CNBC reported.

On 10 May 2021, the US reported 36,451 new COVID-19 cases and over the past 7 days, the country has had an average of 39, 124 new cases daily.

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