On-demand research platform – Kantar Marketplace – now open

A new on-demand research and insights store from Kantar – known as the Kantar Marketplace – is now open for business. First appearing in January 2019, it is now accessible in 21 countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Brazil, Australia. Other countries will come online by the end of March, including Japan, South Korea, India, and Sweden.

The new services offers high quality validated samples that has a reach of up to 80 million consumers worldwide. As for its research offerings, they come with quick turnaround self-serve custom surveys, smart insights solutions, and expert consulting.

At launch, Kantar Marketplace will have the following:

  • Link: This is a pre-testing solution for TV, digital outdoor, print, and point-of-sale advertising. Featuring a database of around 200,000 adverts, it can help optimise media spend return-on-investment in as little as six-hours.
  • Ad Now: As a measurement feature, it tracks how ad campaigns are performing and evolve with the change in trends. Moreover, it can also learn and understand creative evaluation that occur across countries and cultures. This also includes comparing data with cross-channel consistencies, ad performance diagnostics, and optimal investment levels.
  • Quick Polls: Using this service, one question can reach out to 1,000 respondents within an hour. Of course, it also provides access to existing data searches.
  • DIY Survey: If more details are necessary, this function lets users customise their own questionnaires. This can then effectively target audiences who can provide real-time feeedback.

Users of the new Kantar Marketplace can look forward to trying new options like eValuate, Reputation Intelligence, and Global Monitor. Of course, all three focus on gathering data and evaluating impact levels of ad campaigns.

“The speed at which our clients’ competitive environments evolve is ever faster. Hence, our clients expect us to support them in that challenge. Kantar Marketplace is a key part of our response as it delivers fast and accurate research at a fraction of the usual time and cost. As we launch more solutions in to the store, of course, it will transform the way we engage with, and support, our clients,” said Will Galgey, Kanter Marketplace CEO.

Text by: Victor Yap 

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