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Old Spice Scores Longest Commercial Ever


It’s very hard to top Old Spice, so much so that the infamous deodorant brand can’t match its own feat; until it did this:

Please pay attention to ‘Watch Responsibly’ warning before diving in.

While just over 3-minutes, this all-new Old Spice spot already broke the Guinness World Record for longest commercial in history. According to DesignTaxi, this TV spot is produced in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo (Brazil). The idea: show an Inception like concept for all the TV spots (some running for less than 10-seconds) in a seamless narrative. Next, the men’s fragrance continuously loop the spot for 14-hours on the Woohoo channel, in an unbroken and seamless manner; that’s how it secure the Guinness win.

Before anyone can do it, Old Spice tops this major feat as well via running this advertisement for all eternity here:

An English version is also out in the wild:

The primary message this TV spot wants to convey is how the “commercial can last as long as the all-new scent for men. It also, indirectly, mentions the next-gen Old Spice Durascent technology it uses.

Text by: Victor Yap

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