Is Google Analytics Now Passe?

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Website performance is very dependent on data analytics and, by default, Google Analytics is the go-to service for all-things Web-related. However, in the digital age and innovation, that is no longer the case; data analytics is now available in large swaths, meaning there is plenty to choose from.

Since Google entrenches itself within the Web infrastructure, many now question if Mountain View should be the end-all for analytics. After all, a lot of Internet traffic is under tracking via Google. As it is a growing concern, according to Fast Company, a series of privacy-centric analytics are starting to appear. These start-ups, which are popping up over the last year, claim to not collect any personal data. Instead, they only work on and display simple web-traffic metrics, like pageviews, referral websites, and access device details.

Before delving further, keep in mind that these next-gen analytics services require some programming knowledge and the willingness to spend. After all, these platforms are providing a premium service – protecting and respecting user privacy.

Among the few that most websites are engaging include:

Fathom (Paid/Free)

Paul Jarvis, a long-time webpage development veteran, feels Google Analytics is tracking more data than necessary. To address his growing concern, he rolled-out his own open-source analytics service, Fathom. Featuring just one webpage that shows a tracking graph for pageviews and visitors, it measures the very basics in Web traffic. This includes bounce rate, referrals, and top-rated pages. The data shows up as aggregated information. There is a paid service variant that has Jarvis and his partner hosting a more advanced Fathom offering that receives regular maintenance.

Simple Analytics

This is different from most third-party analytics as it offers a straightforward study of webpage traffic. Interestingly, it doesn’t use any cookies to track users and even complies to the ‘Do Not Track’ feature on Web browsers. According to creator, Adriaan van Rossum, some users prefer using Simple Analytics because of its easy-to-use interface.


As one of the first private attempts to compete with Google Analytics, it offers a decentralised analytics platform for all. This is truly for folks who prefer not being dependent on private entities that want to muscle out the competition. Users, according to the team behind Matomo, on this platform comprise about 1.5% of the Internet. A majority of these users prefer loading up the analytics code onto their servers. Being the primary host means no one, besides the server owner, can get to the data. To-date, United Nations, Amnesty International, NASA, and the European Commission are users of Matomo.


For those keen on using free Web traffic analytics and not deal with payment prompts, look to SiteWorthTraffic. It’s a tracking platform that not only shows pageviews and page rank, but also the webpage’s estimated value. It also compiles statistics from Alexa, Facebook referrals, and projected earnings. It even provides quick-tips on SEO management and how to improve domain authority.

Text by: Victor Yap

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