Must businesses shore up cybersecurity to secure remote work?

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Cybersecurity plays a crucial role in protecting your business data from loss and theft. Hackers worldwide are finding new ways to break into your system, which is why businesses should always be ready to improve their cybersecurity, primarily to protect their remote work.

This article will inform how you can improve your cybersecurity to help your business.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity can be defined as the process or practice of defending your business (servers, computers, mobile devices, data, systems, and networks) from any type of foreign invasion or malicious attacks. 

It is also known as electronic information security or information technology security and can be categorized into the following types.

  • Application Security – The practice of securing applications and software from external threats.
  • Information Security – The practice of protecting data integrity and eliminating data breaches.
  • Network Security – The practice of securing system networks from any foreign intruders that can place malware into the system.
  • Disaster Recovery – It defines how the system will react in case of an incident related to cybersecurity.
  • End-User Security – The practice of informing users and employees how viruses work so they don’t accidentally introduce a virus into the system.
  • Operational Security – It includes all the permissions each user has while accessing the company’s data assets.

How Can Cybercrimes Use Your Remote Work Against Your Business?

One of the most significant issues businesses have to address after the pandemic is providing IT security to their remote workers. When people are working from home, they lack all the necessary firewalls and are unaware of the blacklisted IP addresses that can potentially launch cyberattacks on the system.

These attacks have the potential of leaving your business paralyzed and can cause long-lasting after-effects that may include:

  • Loss of finances and capital
  • Loss in business
  • Loss of reputation and credibility in the market
  • Loss in data assets

How You Can Heighten Your Cybersecurity Via VPNs


A company can easily mask the identity of its employees by integrating a simple tool known as VPN into its work structure. A VPN has many benefits, and we will discuss a few below.

Secure from Sabotage

If your company deals with sensitive information, your primary goal is to protect it at all costs. If a hacker gets hold of any piece of this information, they can easily use it to blackmail or sabotage your business. Additionally, if your business is involved with banking information, they can even steal from your customers.

These scenarios can be highly damaging to your reputation in the industry. But by integrating a VPN into your connection, you get assured that your data is perfectly safe from any unwanted third parties that want to snoop around.

Adaptable to Multiple Smart Devices

When a company delegates their work to remote workers, it can be challenging to expect the same level of security from them as each of them uses a different device, internet connection, and firewall. 

This is where a VPN can be a lifesaver because it is designed to work on any smart device without issues. It can be set up with a few clicks without requiring any technical knowledge and provides the same level of security regardless of the circumstances.

Security from Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a social engineering attack with the malicious intent of stealing your information, data and even passwords. There are a lot of good VPNs in the market that are ready to save you from such attacks.

They can be instrumental when surfing the web as they come with malicious website detectors. It can also mask your identity so that a hacker can never monitor your traffic or lead you to a phishing website. Besides this, additional layers are preventing such attacks that include:

  • A filtering system for spam emails of fake websites.
  • An additional firewall to filter out phishing attacks.
  • Ensuring your browsing experience is smooth and secure.

Low Cost

A VPN is highly affordable compared to some other options in the market. The best thing about this is that it provides pretty much the same level of security. So if you are a small or mid-size business, it can be your best choice.

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