McCafé speciality now affordable, accessible

There’s something brewing afresh in McDonald’s Malaysia following a rejig of its McCafé coffee, based on a eating-out research the company conducted in 2016.
The western expresso coffee experience stirred up around premium quality Arabica beans will now be available to the masses at a pricing, which the fast-food retailer calls, “great value.”
Talking to MARKETING, McDonald’s Senior Director of Marketing, Communications & Insights, Puan Melati Abdul Hai, said,” “As premium coffee culture catches on among the young, it is just right for McDonald’s to ride this wave of excitement. This can be done by growing the McCafé value proposition.”
Aiding this revival of coffee offering, was a research titled, Market Landscape Study, set up to understand consumer needs when it comes to eating out. It revealed that consumers have many need states when it comes to eating out.
Sharing details of the research, Melati said, “we have learned that consumers need a relaxing place to escape from the demands of everyday life, and having coffee or desserts is said to fulfil this need.”
McCafe, which offers premium quality coffee at affordable prices, any time, any day, is clearly the perfect choice to satisfy this group of consumers, fits into this need.
As per the findings of the Study, “having a ‘Relaxing Break’ makes up the largest share at 22%, whereby consumers are looking for a place with a fun and relaxing atmosphere to help them escape the demands of life and treat themselves with something special.
This study also revealed that ‘Convenient Location’ and ‘Value for Money’, are the most important considerations in selecting the eat-out destination. Thus, with more than 200 locations nationwide, McCafe clearly fits this consumer demand.”
McDonald’s Malaysia managing director and operating partner, Azmir Jaafar, said, “McCafé is integral to McDonald’s aspirations to make high quality premium coffee accessible to the masses. It is also to celebrate Malaysians’ love for coffee by providing Malaysians with a convenient and rewarding experience.”
“We recognise that great tasting coffee need not be expensive and McCafe is all about providing an inviting, convenient and friendly atmosphere where people can savour their favourite cup of high quality premium coffee,” he added.
McCafe stands out from the crowd as the freshly brewed, handcrafted specialty coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans but at highly affordable price.
Most coffee cafes that spring up everywhere in response to the high demand become unviable in due course because of the affordability factor.
However, according to Azmir, “despite the existence of many coffee outlet chains in the market, there is still ample opportunity in the market for growth.
“We have over 200 McCafés nationwide. As the coffee culture continues to grow, we will look to seize these market opportunities and expand our footprint and innovate our menu offerings in the coming years,” he said, adding that McCafé’s revenue remains on the uptrend.
McCafé is now available at McDonald’s restaurant front counter and its drive-thru restaurants. Soon, customers can also enjoy McCafé in the comfort of their homes through McDonald’s McDelivery Service.
As part of the celebration of the new McCafé, McDonald’s has collaborated with Media Prima Berhad to produce a four-episode mini drama entitled Mocha Kau Bahagia.
Starring Syafiq Kyle, Farah Nabillah, Syazwan Zulkifli, Issey Fazlisham and Meera James, the drama is about a love triangle between three McDonald’s restaurant crew members amidst daily life working at the quick-service restaurant.

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