Kia Motors India TVC – 300 million views so far!

Magical Inspiration. Stunning Designs. You have to watch this advertisement for KIA Motors in India, to believe it.

An advertisement like no other.

The cast of characters are listed below, and they are all linked to brand attributes that are akin to the Kia Stinger model in the advertisement.

THE ASTRONAUT – Technology meets Innovation and Endurance.

THE TIGER -Power meets Presence with the iconic Tiger nose grille.

THE BALLERINA-Precision meets Grace and Elegance.

THE HUMMINGBIRD-Speed meets stability & balance.

THE SLINKY SPRING-Playfulness meets Science.

THE FIREFLY-Brilliance meets Luminescence.

FELIX THE CAT-Creativity meets Young at Heart.

THE FOOTBALLER-Control meets Agility and Skill

For a country that is always used to song and dance, dialogue driven narratives and elaborate storylines, this KIA TVC has transcended all formulaic interpretations and captured the imagination of viewers across the country.

300 million views so far, and its still increasing exponentially as we speak. Marketing Magazine had the rare opportunity to sit down with Moon K Chan of MFX on the making of the TVC.
MFX had a leading role in making it happen.

“300 million hits, that’s just crazy right, I’ve never worked on something that has garnered such response,” said Moon K Chan.

Chan said that an advertisement like this really showcased the importance of design, and how consumers are positively responding to such work.

“It’s a real departure from the type of advertisements that the Indian marketplace, an ad with no dialogue, just design and a whole cast of characters that was very unique,” he explained.

Chan says the inspirational theme and the overall execution of the brand attributes as displayed through the characters was really something special.

“You must understand that’s its not easy to convince a client in India to take a gamble on an approach like this, so that’s really a revelation,” he added.

Chan explained that the whole process took about 2 months, and that a lot of the 3D modelling took a long time, as the special effects was quite an effort to pull off.

Ultimately, Chan feels that a new wave of innovation and inspiration is set to take advertisements in India to a new level and that the future of advertising in the country is really going to reach a totally new level of ingenuity.

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