Joe Najib’s workshop was a great success!

1 week ago

It was that time of year the again. Joe Najib recently conducted a workshop on ‘making good presentations great’.

On the 8th of July, his workshop in Plaza VADS was about how to make power point presentations truly spectacular.

Joe Najib is a senior advertising & marketing individual with over 20 years of experience in the communication industry, having worked for both local and multinational advertising agencies.

Joe has worked across various fields in the advertising spectrum –as an account management person, a digital marketing strategist, to heading a creative team.

More significantly, Joe is known industry-wide for his ability to create stunning presentation documents and delivering them with flair, contributing to his 90% overall pitch-win-rate.

He conducts PowerPoint presentation workshops and trainings full-time to MNCs, GLCs, and the general public.

He also designs keynote addresses for some of the country’s most celebrated CEOs and corporate figures.

The following response was taken from his recent social media posting.

“Had an awesome time training this senget bunch today. It’s fun (and also a little intimidating) when you train people from the same industry you’ve been part of for so many years.

These folks know their stuff. They face PPTs day in day out. To craft proposals, brand plans, campaign reports, market analysis, etc.

When I asked for a show of hands on how many of them open PowerPoint at least 3 times a week, 98% of them raised theirs.

One even sighed “3 times a DAY more like it!” 😂They know PowerPoint and its tools, its functions.

All I had to do was just show them how they could manipulate those functions, to do things beyond the ordinary.

Blessed be to Allah Almighty, they still managed to learn new tricks from me. And if the post-training vibe was anything to measure by, they enjoyed the class.

Thank you for being part of it today guys…and thank you Harmandar Singh, Ruby and team at Sledgehammer for organizing & hosting this.”

We are being inundated with requests for future sessions, and we will probably be running one soon, tentatively, on the 23rd or the 24th of September 2019.

For more information, you can email or call 03-7726 2588.

So do stay tuned for more updates!

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