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Capturing the essence of community oneness, INTI International University & Colleges’ produced a video which aims to do more than serve as an update to students, parents, staff and visitors on the required SOPs when returning to campus.

INTI’s CEO Tan Lin Nah highlights the incredible efforts Malaysia has taken to combat COVID-19

“If we look at the fundamental need for wearing a mask today, it really comes down to safeguarding others from potential harm, and believing they are doing the same for us. What we are seeing is the direct role we play in the lives of one another, and our willingness to put aside differences to protect humanity as a whole,” explained Timothy Johnson, INTI’s SVP for Marketing. Products & Partnerships.

Fumigation services are carried out at main assembly areas throughout INTI’s campuses

“SOPs are necessary and they evolve with circumstances. Whether its contact tracing and temperature controls, guidelines for physical distancing in common areas, the use of masks and the increased availability of hand sanitisers, and updated schedules and classroom layouts to ensure a comfortable and safe learning experience, these are now as important as ensuring the completion of syllabus.”

Temperature monitoring is carried out at all entry points to INTI’s campuses

With personal messages from INTI’s CEO, Tan Lin Nah, emphasising the importance of togetherness in moving forward, the video captures the Malaysian spirit of ‘Kita Jaga Kita’ and demonstrates how it is being implemented in practical terms throughout INTI’s campuses.

All individuals are required to identify and register themselves when entering the campus to ensure better contact tracing
Students use INTI’s facilities with ease while following the SOPs

Storyboarded and developed by Golden Legend Filming Sdn Bhd, a local Malaysian production team, and featuring some of INTI’s own staff to ease physical distancing and videography guidelines at this time, the video, released on 28 August 2020, has since garnered 125,000 views on INTI’s official Facebook page and 30,000 views of its YouTube channel.

Cleaning services are scheduled throughout the day at all INTI’s common areas
A montage of INTI staff serving at various capacities to keep campuses compliant to the new normal



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