Merging Humanity with Tech in Today’s Advertising Landscape

By Elena Lee – Global Business Operations Director, Audience2Media

Having spent nearly a decade in the advertising, agency, and digital domain, my experiences have been enriched with diverse perspectives and values. One such profound lesson I imbibed from my tenure at a leading CPG company was the philosophy of “Kaizen” – the pursuit of continuous improvement.

This principle does not merely emphasize refining processes but highlights the significance of integrating human insights with technological advancements for holistic growth.

In today’s digital-driven advertising landscape, we’re often dazzled by the rapid technological advancements that seem to redefine the rules overnight.

But it’s essential to remember that at the heart of every successful campaign, technological solution, or innovative approach is a human touch.

Just as Kaizen emphasizes the collective involvement of every employee, I believe that merging humanity with technology is a collective endeavour. It’s about ensuring that amidst our sophisticated algorithms and data-driven strategies, we remain connected to the human stories, emotions, and experiences that truly resonate.

Steve Jobs also once aptly captured this sentiment, stating, “Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”

This sentiment resonates deeply with my ethos at Audience2Media, where I serve as the Global Business Operations Director, where we emphasize the blend of humanity and tech in influencer marketing.

Elena Lee – Global Business Operations Director, Audience2Media

Balancing Digital Innovation with Genuine Connection

In leading the teams at Audience2Media, I firmly believe in the interplay between advanced technology and authentic human interactions.

While we leverage data and digital insights to understand audience behaviours, our true north remains the genuine relationships we build between brands and influencers.

It’s this balance of tech and human touch that forms the essence of our approach, ensuring that amidst the vast digital universe, we never lose sight of the heart and soul behind every campaign.

Crafting Strategy through Reflective Insight in Influencer Management

Data, for all its clarity and depth, still benefits from a keen personal interpretation. When I look at Audience2Media’s influencer management strategy, I see the importance of detailed, thoughtful planning.

I believe in closely collaborating with clients and influencers, ensuring that they seamlessly mesh with brand standards. To me, success is not solely grounded in metrics.

It’s in the artful combination of advanced technology, brand safety considerations, and the nurturing of our team’s capabilities. I view our service as a thoughtful journey, a synthesis of where technology meets human development and strategic foresight.

Navigating the Future Landscape

In the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, I would like to envision Audience2Media being at the forefront, not just following trends but setting them.  I believe in harmonizing technology with a profound understanding of human motivations.

For me, agencies should not be about meeting standards, but defining them. I’m driven by a commitment to excellence and a desire to push the boundaries, shaping the future as I see it should be.

In the broader perspective of influencer marketing, I see it as a platform that amplifies both brands and the stories influencers bring.

As we navigate this constantly evolving industry, my goal, or ambition rather, is to work alongside clients as a custodian of their brand and as their partner, rather than merely for them.

Genuine connections, creativity, and human relationships should be the cornerstones of our industry, and I’m convinced these elements will shape our industry’s most impactful narratives in marketing.

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