FCB SHOUT refreshes the mineral water landscape for Spritzer

To most of us, water is just water. We use it. We drink it. We hardly think about it until we are thirsty again. But to Spritzer, water – specifically, natural mineral water sourced from its meticulously protected and preserved rainforest reservoir in Taiping, Perak – is more than a mere thirst-quencher, and the No.1 natural mineral water brand in Malaysia is aiming to change that perception with its latest campaign.

Created by FCB SHOUT, the new ‘Nourishing Youthful Skin From Within’ campaign sets Spritzer Natural Mineral Water on a bold, refreshing journey into the unfamiliar territory of the health and skincare space.

Whilst the campaign features celebrities Ayda Jebat and Merqeen, the bigger star of the campaign is undoubtably the crown jewel among Spritzer Natural Mineral Water’s trove of minerals – the silica.

“When various credible researchers, including the University of London and Keele University, reported on the remarkable health benefits that the silica in our natural mineral water has – which was corroborated by local skin specialists who saw improvements on themselves as well as their patients just by consuming silica-rich mineral water daily – we knew that we have a gem in our hands that will not only make a splash, but completely change the game,” Shiao Chan, Spritzer’s Head of Marketing, says.

“One of silica’s most significant health benefits is the key role it plays in helping our body produce collagen that keeps our skin beautiful, healthy and radiant; and now it’s the key to changing the perception of consumers that Spritzer Mineral Water is merely a thirst-quencher.”

Based on the mineral’s extraordinary skincare prowess, FCB SHOUT crafted a campaign that casts conventional mineral water tropes aside and reframes Spritzer Mineral Water as an essential part of the daily skincare routine instead.

Shiao Chan, Spritzer’s Head of Marketing (left) and Syahriza Badron, FCB SHOUT’s General Manager

“Out of the countless health benefits that silica has, skincare is, strategically, the best starting point to educate consumers about the health benefits of silica. After all, we live in a world where skincare is rapidly ascending on the consumers’ list of priorities, as evidently seen in the extensive routines they are willing to go through each day to ensure good skin health,” Syahriza Badron, the General Manager of FCB SHOUT, shares.

“It’s a familiar subject that interests them, which makes it the perfect gateway to get our message through to them.”

Under the ‘Nourishing Youthful Skin From Within’ message, the campaign is driven by multiple creative components featuring Ayda Jebat and Meerqeen as well as their flawless skin, created using elements heavily inspired by typical skincare tropes.

“The idea is to show consumers what silica can do for their skin and how it can be part of their daily skincare routine,” Jonathan Chan, FCB SHOUT’s Associate Creative Director, explains.

“So we thought, what better way to do that than by portraying Spritzer Natural Mineral Water as a skincare product? It’s an unconventional approach for a mineral water brand, but ‘unconventional’ is exactly what we need to change the conventional perception of our mineral water.”

The campaign also features Health Care Professionals (HCP), who were engaged to talk about the benefits of silica, as well as imparting their knowledge on skincare to consumers.

Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is not the only Spritzer product that needs a change in perception. The Hari Raya (Eid) campaign for Spritzer Sparkling – also created by FCB SHOUT – sees the sparkling water veer off the traditional “just another beverage for the Raya season” path to embrace a new role as a versatile mixer that adds a wholesome fizz and flavour to enhance other beverages, instead of competing directly against them.

Also led by the brand ambassadors, Ayda Jebat and Meerqeen, the ‘Tambah Spritzer Sparkling, Meriah Aidilfitri’ (Add Spritzer Sparkling For A Joyous Aidilfitri) Raya campaign kick-starts with a music video of a festive rendition of Pencuri Hati, Jebat’s 2016 hit song.

Retitled Pencuri Hati Aidiltfiri, the lyrics of the song were rewritten to reflect the versatility of the product, as well as how effortless it is to make ordinary Raya drinks extraordinary just by adding Spritzer Sparkling.

The music video also promotes Nanas Laici Sparkling, Spritzer Sparkling’s signature recipe beverage created in collaboration with famous food influencer Khairul Aming.

The ‘Nourishing Youthful Skin From Within’ campaign was officially launched on 10 March 2023, while the ‘Tambah Spritzer Sparkling, Meriah Aidilfitri’ Raya campaign was launched on 7 April 2023, across all media channels, including ATL, BTL and social media.


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