INTI International presents Diya’s Deepavali

INTI International University & Colleges’ (INTI) latest Deepavali video follows the tale of Diya, a newly enrolled student at INTI International University, who finds herself in troubled waters with her parents.

In the first minute of the video, the story begins with Diya dreaming of her family fully embracing her partner with open arms after informing them that she will be bringing him home for the festive holidays.

She realises this is not the case when she is harshly woken up by her mother in real life. The story then continues with Diya narrating how her story began and shares her real Deepavali experience with her partner and family for the audience.

Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI, shared that INTI’s 2019 Deepavali video aims to bring us back to the first time we brought our significant others home.

“It is usually a nerve-wrecking and worrying time for us, because we cannot fully anticipate how our family members will react. There is also the added challenge of ensuring both our partner and family members are on their best behaviour, because we want to impress both parties.

“I believe this video accurately depicts what most of our students may experience during their time in university (which is when many young people are meeting their life partners) and we want them to know that we understand the joys and struggles of this significant moment in a young person’s life,” shared Timothy.

He further expressed that this video would not have been made possible without the works of Bawah Pokok Entertainment – a local production house that specialises in social media content.

INTI’s Deepavali video was released on the evening of the 22nd of October 2019 and has since garnered more than 76,000 views in a span of 42 hours on INTI’s official social media pages.

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