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Ad Tech when optimally used should cover the entire delivery process, right from the content of your ad to the audience it will reach. Using data and analytics, AdTech can help businesses see the ‘bigger picture’ by allowing them to reach a more relevant audience, with a lesser budget. Hence, the key significance of understanding and using Ad Tech effectively lies in its cost-saving benefits.

Businesses that learn to take the digital resources they have at hand a step further and in-house their advertising, are more likely to see sustainable business growth.

Moderated by CMO of MDEC, Raymond Siva, the second part of Helping Entrepreneurs Win featured a conversation between the following experts: Head of Digital Solutions of Invictus Blue, Alex Hooi; Country Director of ADA Cambodia, Hubert Marchand and Regional Head of Country Marketing for Grab, Sulin Lau.

Catch the full video here by clicking on the image below:

The third and final session of the roundtable series wraps up today at 3pm with a discussion on brand safety. Join us for the conversation here.

Main photo by: Austin Distel on Unsplash

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