Here are your top 10 winners for the Experts’ Choice Awards Raya TVC 2021

Festive ad producers have delivered once again despite the challenges of yet another movement control order during the Raya season this year. Hence, MARKETING Magazine continued its tradition by organising the annual Experts’ Choice Awards Raya TVC 2021 edition, to help the industry decide which brand, agency and production house did it best this time around.

Our robust industry-wide survey this time recorded the highest votes so far at 4283 validated and unique voters. We weeded out those who tried to vote for their own work, either directly or through third party invested partners (nice try).

Our rankings are based purely on readers’ choices, and not on how many million YouTube views, etc.

The top 10 winners and 5 special mention winners, for the 2021 Experts Choice Awards Raya TVC 2021 edition, in no particular order, are:

Bank Rakyat – ‘Raya Tetap Raya

Agency: Bank Rakyat (In-house)

Production House: Enjit-Enjit Semut Sdn Bhd

Astro – ‘Singkap Sebalik Tingkap

Agency: Naga DDB Tribal

Production house: Directors Think Tank

Atlas Vending – ‘Magic Pantry

Agency: VMLY&R

Production House: Mastermind Group

MRCB – ‘Rendang Mak

Agency: MRCB (In-house)

Production House: MRCB (In-house)

Mistubishi Motors – ‘Mitsubishi Raya 2021 bersama Jihan Muse: IKAN BESAR

Agency: Cogent Ideas

Production house: Mastermind Group

Minyak Masak Alif – ‘Makan Bersama’

Agency: Symon Patryck Creative Sdn. Bhd.

Production house: Mastermind Group

KPJ Healthcare – ‘Sentiasa di ingatan kami

Production house: Light Up 7 Sdn Bhd

Tenaga Nasional BerhadHikmah Raya Aida

Agency: Entropia

Production House: Reservoir World Sdn Bhd

Petronas – ‘Syukur Raya’

Agency: Ensemble Worldwide

Production House: Reserve Tank

Julie’s Biscuit‘Ini Iklan Raya, Tau?

Agency: GOVT Singapore

Production House: Layar Lucida

Special mentions:

11. Prudential – ‘Bahagia Bersamamu

12. Etiqa – ‘Balik Tanjung Mana?’

13. Tune Talk – ‘Ini Raya Kita

14. Safi – ‘Safi Raya Kau Hijau

15. MAE (Maybank) – ‘MAE-mang Boleh Raya Dengan MAE By Maybank2u

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