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Google Malaysia’s Most Popular Search Term in 2018 was ”World Cup”

Google has released its annual Year In Search, which reveals the top trending search terms on the internet. Malaysians, for the most part appeared to be concerned with the World Cup.

The second spot goes to ‘SPR’ the Election Commission of Malaysia as eligible voters checked on their status as well as election results.

Next on the list is ‘Astro Awani’ the news channel and site which tremendously benefited from being the go-to news source pre, during and post GE-14.

Meanwhile, the number one searched for individual goes to former Prime Minister ‘Najib Razak’ after the historical change in government followed by lengthy investigations into his alleged misappropriations.

The second and third spot goes to the oldest Prime Minister in Malaysia and the world, ‘Mahathir Mohamad’ and the country’s youngest appointed Minister of Youth and Sports ‘Syed Saddiq’.

Former Malaysian First Lady ‘Rosmah Mansor’ appears on the fourth spot while former actress-turned-British royalty Meghan Markle takes the fifth spot for her marriage to Prince Harry.

Rounding off the top 10 trending people of 2018 are: Leader of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, ‘Anwar Ibrahim’, Defence Minister ‘Mat Sabu’, actor and director ‘Farid Kamil’, Chilean footballer ‘Alexis Sanchez’, and popular politician ‘Nurul Izzah’.

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