FIVE petrol station opens in Malaysia

FIVE Petroleum Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a newly licensed and homegrown petrol company in Malaysia has officially launched, and its first station is opening in March, 2020 at Kalumpang, Selangor.

Petronas is its fuel supplier, and the company is run by the same team that built Seng Group. Established in 1971, the Seng Group has been a leader in the petrol retail business for nearly five decades. It supplies and manages distribution services to petrol station operators, including the construction of new stations.

FIVE aims to revolutionize Malaysia’s petroleum retail market by offering smaller and easier station set-ups for new entrepreneurs. This lowers the entry requirements for would-be petrol station operators.

It also means stations can be opened in more remote areas, bringing much-needed fuel supply to more accessible locations. FIVE petrol stations will feature a new mobile application that will enable cashless payment. The company also plans to integrate partnerships, rewards and loyalty features into the mobile application.

Such partnerships will play an integral role in their petrol station convenience stores dubbed Woo! Mart and also feed into FIVE’s soon-to-be-announced, consumer loyalty programme.

Datuk Juhari Abdul chani, Chairman of FIVE said, “FIVE is a unified energy company that aims to meet Malaysia’s growing demand for fuel in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. We also want to help Malaysia reach its next milestone in development.


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