First AI Radio DJ Introduced In Malaysia & Her Name Is Aina Sabrina

She sounds like a real person and even has her own likes and dislikes. Meet Aina Sabrina, Malaysia’s first AI radio DJ.

Aina, who is touted as a pioneering AI personality and represents a significant leap in innovation within the Malaysian radio industry, was developed by Fly FM’s in-house team of production engineers.

The team utilized AI technology and has equipped Aina with a vast music database. What this means is that Aina is capable of creating and mixing music in real time while adapting to the listener’s mood.

She also offers personalized music recommendations based on individual preferences. Pretty cool!

“With the introduction of an AI radio DJ, we are extremely excited to introduce abrand new phase of the Malaysian radio industry, and Aina is the definition of this. As always at Media Prima Audio we are redefining radio,” Fly FM Content Director, Sean Matjeraie said.

You’ll be able to listen to Aina’s show, Calpis with Aina, weekdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Fly FM.

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