Entropia reorganises services around 4 Cs: Consulting, Communication, Customer Experience and Commerce

6 months ago
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The new age consultancy-meets-agency has announced the reorganisation of its service offerings around the 4 Cs.

Entropia, which represents global and local blue-chip clients such as Axiata, Pepsi, Unilever, J&J, AIA, KFC, Nissan, Petronas, and Sime Darby, has reorganised its services around four key pillars: Consulting, Communication, Customer Experience (CX) and Commerce.


As a part of its Consulting offering, Entropia will help the C-suite innovate, lead, and disrupt the category by designing digital transformation roadmaps, digital first experiences, future-ready platforms and brands, investment planning and innovation prototypes.


Meanwhile, its Communication offering will be responsible for designing and executing data-driven campaigns, and media that carry the full weight of creative content, social, data, technology, and new-age experiences to forge meaningful connections with brands and drive better growth.


Its CX (customer experience) offering will design and manage websites, apps, CRM programs, marketing automation platforms, IOT, and experiential tech to deliver seamless ‘made in future’ experiences that can become a competitive advantage for clients.


As a part of Commerce services, Entropia will bring full-demand creation services for e-commerce. Right from acquisition and engagement to conversion and loyalty, the service will marry personalised creativity and moment-aware media with UX, UI, and deep data analytics.

Announcing the entry, Prashant Kumar, the founder and senior partner of Entropia said: “Everyone is talking about how consultancies are gobbling up our industry. As people who understand customers and creativity the best, we would like to take the battle to where the consultancies are, in areas where heart matters as much as mind, and where insightful human experiences provide the real edge.”

Within two years, Entropia, which started its operations in Kuala Lumpur with a bold next generation offering, has expanded from 12 people to a 150-people team offering services across the data, tech and content spectrum to help clients navigate the digital age without losing sight of the business and returns.

“We frequently talk about delivering Integrated Brand Experience (IBX) – and it’s not possible without pulling communication, CX and purchase experience together in a way that’s relevant and seamless for business.

“And this is the thinking that informs how we have organised ourselves. Our client delivery model, of course will continue to be custom-made to individual client contexts,” Prashant Kumar added.



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