Entropia launches new planning and tool suite

Entropia announced the launch of its new planning process and tool suite, ‘Evolutionary Planning’.

Evolutionary planning denotes an approach to integrated communications where the various components of a campaign – the concept, the creative, the form, the touchpoints, etc. – whether offline or online – evolve as the campaign progresses, in a series of shorter, faster cycles.

The approach is premised on the ‘fail fast’ paradigm that’s already commonplace in the Silicon Valley lexicon, where it has become a startup culture ‘mantra’ to fail at an early stage, evolve rapidly, and ultimately arrive at business success.

It challenges the traditional norm of bet-and-pray and replaces it with ‘survival of the salient’, deploying real-time feedback loops, concept hacks, rapid prototyping, and various sprints and scrums to growth hypotheses, message pools and media buckets.

Several digital native businesses have been following some of these practices, however Entropia’s vision is to bring these principles across both offline and online touchpoints for different categories and incumbents.

It’s slated to be the next level from the Integrity planning process – launched by Entropia two years ago – that brought together Campaigns, eCommerce and CRM into a single, unified strategic thinking.

Commenting on the launch, Ramakrishnan CN, partner, data-driven marketing at Entropia said, “We are moving from a ‘digital first’ approach to a ‘sales first’ approach. And this must apply across integrated marketing investments. All forms of investment need to justify its reason for being there with focus on sales-centricity, dynamism and agility. This cuts across messaging and media, and across offline and online.”

“As product life cycles become shorter, and categories are increasingly disrupted by pure play competitors, speed-to-market is key; and the fixed cycle mindset applied to campaign planning needs a fundamental reset. One would rather fail fast and test new things, than take forever to come up with a hopeful win, and then get stuck if it doesn’t work,” he added.

Adding further, Neeraj Gulati, partner in digital transformation at Entropia commented, “As customer feedback loops are progressively becoming faster, digital media has helped create a dynamic demand chain that’s forever evolving.

“And it allows for a much more efficient margin and inventory management. It’s high time the whole integrated marketing approach is recast to be adaptive. Over the last year, we have run several process pilots and deployed specific tools to help enable that.”

“Evolutionary planning is destined to be the new norm of marketing,” he emphasised.

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