Entropia launches creative performance tool for easy use by creative people

Entropia Group, the new-age consulting-meets-agency has launched Touchstone – an innovative tool designed to be creative-friendly; and used to benchmark creative ad performance.

Referencing the black stone formerly used to test the purity of gold, the initial idea for Touchstone was conceived with a high degree of simplicity, intuitiveness and everyday applicability in mind, in response to the question plaguing most of our clients: ‘how do you determine if your creative execution resonates with your target audience or not; or how do
you test whether your creative works or not?’

Taher Chhabrawala, Entropia’s Chief Technology Officer, says, “Historically, marketing has been built around right brain thinking, however, the advent of data-fuelled creativity means marketing is increasingly whole brain. In reality, this is not possible without data-conscious creative teams. By equipping our creatives with such tools, Entropia is creating a league of truly performance-aware creatives to move our data-driven creative thinking forward.”

As an agency enthused by the science of creativity, Entropia’s in-house team of data scientists and creative leads conceptualised Touchstone to be the differentiator for creative teams – the internal practice equipping them with the know-how to evaluate the real-time performance of their creative work, without being daunted by complicated, mind-numbing performance numbers.

Wai Khuen Yee, Executive Creative Director at Entropia, further commented, “Continually building on our four-dimensional view of creativity – Create, Code, Count, and Make, this tool allows us easy access to the most pertinent campaign metrics at our fingertips. A new proprietary currency of creative engagement – ‘creative power’, has been constructed to aggregate different levels of impact towards a single source of truth. Also, creatives don’t have to wait for post-campaign analysis to check results; they can now track the numbers in real time to explore what works and what needs to be adjusted to improve performance, with an interface that’s brutally simple, intuitive and allows for creative introspection.”

In the last year, Entropia has launched its Evolutionary Planning process and tool suite, which is meant to transform the way clients approach their marketing campaigns, especially considering brands’ struggle to put their finger on which half of their campaign is working and which half is not.

With Touchstone, creatives will not only be able to review the effectiveness of each campaign versus their initial objectives; they’ll also take away valuable learnings for future campaigns.

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