Entropia Empathy leads businesses to purpose beyond profit

Purpose has become more than a trendy buzzword of the times. Entropia Group, the new age consultancy-meets-agency, today announced the launch of “Entropia Empathy” – a specialist offering that consults clients on infusing purpose into brand and business behaviours, to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Globally, businesses now have measures in place to address this blueprint for tackling the environmental, political and economic challenges facing our world, and in the process building a more sustainable, safer, and prosperous planet for all humanity.

Entropia Empathy is aimed at helping organisations map out the ‘why they exist’, to engage and inspire their stakeholders to join their cause, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

Prashant Kumar, founder and senior partner at Entropia commented, “Empathy is the true north for brands in the new age. Businesses can’t afford to be mute witnesses in a society where technology and animal spirit of the market has created an unfair advantage between those on the gravy train and those off it, between the extractive today and the sustainable day after.”

April Toh, principal at Entropia, added, “Traditionally, the core purpose of business was to make a profit. But today, purpose is seen as the core driver of business decisions and company growth. With Entropia Empathy we hope to inspire companies to link their success to more than their financial performance, and in turn focus on building enduring institutions, while remaining aware of the need to build people and society.”

This follows hot on the heels of Entropia’s recently released special report on sustainability entitled “Business for Goodness”. The study, conducted in October 2019, revealed that while the majority of respondents claimed to be aware of sustainability, their general understanding of the concept varied dramatically. They perceive Malaysian businesses as highly committed to the practice, and voiced a preference for the products of more purpose-driven companies invested in sustainable development.

Realising that purpose, not profit, is driving the most successful businesses, Entropia Empathy seeks to bring more SVA “Social Value Added” rather than EVA “Economic Value Added” as the central measure of the relationship between business and society.

The business solution will also pilot a new personal attitude and lifestyle metric around Sustainability Quotient (SQ), to complement Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). While IQ defines individual potential, EQ connotes people’s relationship with others around them, and SQ adds the third essential dimension that captures people’s relationship with human society at large.

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