Ensemble-Petronas release another animated film for Deepavali

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Ensemble Worldwide, and PETRONAS released another fully animated film, in conjunction with Deepavali, as part of the continuation of PETRONAS’ festive films theme for 2020 – ‘Our Unique Family’

Titled ‘Vattam’, the film highlights the cherished family tradition of making murukku, in the lead up to Deepavali festivities. 

The plot centers around four siblings, personified through the main ingredients and utensils used to make murukku. The upbeat musical sees the personalities of children brought to life through song and dance, spiralling out of control when the siblings bicker on who places highest importance in the murukku-making process.

“The tradition of making murukku has special importance for families as they catch up, bond and create unforgettable moments in the kitchen during the festive period,” said Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide, Didi Pirinyuang. “Vattam loosely translates to mean circle and represents the wholeness of family to complete each other conveying that every ingredient and step of the murukku making process is important.”

The film closes with a reminder from the father on the importance of sticking together.

“We intentionally featured a father figure to show a different side to the family. We wanted to show that fathers play an important role in helping families stick together and it isn’t solely the feminine domain to champion things in the kitchen,” Didi added. 

The film was produced with animation studio Sandbox Animation, with music by local artists Extreme Music. Watch the film here:

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