Taylor’s University’s Deepavali film asks tough questions through Kumar

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In keeping with the message of light triumphing over darkness and without shying away from difficult (but necessary) conversations, Taylor’s University released a Deepavali social media film titled ‘Curious Kumar’. 

The film features a young indian boy, Kumar, asking his parents a multitude of questions based on his personal observations from his daily life. As his family prepares for their Deepavali celebration, his questions are only met with silence and dismissal. 

From the innocent questions such as “Johnny’s mother said if he’s naughty, the apuneneh will catch him, but if I’m naughty, who will come and catch me?” to the more serious queries such as why certain landlords only rent rooms to non-Indians and the lack of representation of the indian community in Malaysian adverts, Kumar’s questions seek to amuse yet provoke deeper thought on racism-led situations that Malaysians are aware of.

The film delivers a message that the light of knowledge illuminates the right path to dispel the darkness of ignorance.

“After several challenging conversations on the direction of our festive ads, the team decided that we should take more risks by touching on real human and cultural insights which can be controversial,” said Taylor’s University Group Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Foo.

Within three days of its release, the film has garnered nearly 455,000 views and over 7,000 reactions, comments and shares on social media. 

“If we are to prize education for our next generation and believe that truth will set us free, then the only way we as a country and as individuals should practice and ensure our freedom is to ask questions — questions that seek not to tear others down but to illuminate the hidden truths so others can see light and hope,” Ben added.

The Deepavali short film follows an equally edgy Hari Kebangsaan short film the University released in August this year. Similar to the Deepavali video, the Hari Kebangsaan film projects the voice of the young in pricking the conscience of the older generation, reminding the audience that a nation can solve its deep rooted issues and catalyse progress through education.

Production House is Imagineers.

Watch Taylor’s Deepavali film here:

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