Enjoy Wonda Coffee as you “Grab” a ride

WONDA Coffee is collaborating with Grab, the ride-hailing platform, to give passengers a unique experience when they board their Grab cars with a WONDA Coffee 3D can on the roof top.

This exclusive collaboration runs until 24 June 2019, taking users on a journey riddled with coffee and more surprises. Limited to selected Grab cars, the sensory experience is reserved for the lucky few who manage to book a WONDA Coffee branded Grab car.

Adding an unusual twist to an otherwise ordinary journey, WONDA Coffee’s latest sensory experience is sure to give passengers a kick, taking their ride to new heights as they drive around town.

From the get go, the lucky passengers are greeted with the sight of a 3D WONDA Zero Max installation on the rooftop of the car. Along with this, passengers will be pleasantly surprised to hear the well-known sound of the WONDA Coffee jingle upon opening the car door.

The next stage of the sensory experience invites passengers to sit back, relax and enjoy the smell of roasted coffee beans as these cars come with specially installed coffee scents.

The last part of the experience is actually drinking the coffee.

Passengers who scan the QR code or input the GrabStore ID (provided on the in-car hanger) will be rewarded with a FREE can of WONDA Zero Max Original. Take a sip to enjoy maximum coffee satisfaction without the added sugar.

“A cup of coffee should be enjoyed slowly, with all senses (sight, touch, sound, taste and smell) working together to make it a truly captivating experience.

“However, with our fast-paced urban lifestyle, we often cannot find the time to make our cuppa and sit down to enjoy it leisurely.

“Collaborating with Grab, we are now able to provide our consumers with the full experience of enjoying an aromatic can of coffee that is not just restricted to the great taste of WONDA Zero Max but excites all the other senses as well, rewarding our loyal customers with an exciting experience.” said Santharuban T. Sundaram, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Alternate Business at Etika Sdn Bhd.

“At Grab, we always believe that there are new ways for consumers to discover and engage with their favourite brands whilst having a memorable Grab ride with us.

“And together with WONDA Coffee, we have been creating memorable experiences for our customers and coffee lovers and we are honoured to be able to work alongside with them in this campaign to continue to bring our users closer to brands and services that may interest them,” said Vivek Muganthan, Head of GrabAds, Grab Malaysia.

To enjoy the sensory experience by WONDA Coffee, customers will need to first book a ride using Grab.

The passengers will receive a pre-ride chat notification that will explain the journey in further detail on confirmation of their ride.

Once the passengers have boarded their WONDA Coffee branded Grab car, they can enjoy the rest of the journey in the pleasant company of coffee – one that will engage all their senses.

Limited to selected Grab cars, the sensory experience is reserved for the lucky few who can manage to book a WONDA Coffee branded Grab car.

Not restricting themselves just to coffee, passengers can also sample Pepsi’s latest variant – Pepsi Black Ginger in Grab cars installed with a 3D impression of the Pepsi Black Ginger bottle, when they book a ride using the e-hailing application.

Free samples of these beverages have already begun since 8 April and will run until 24 June 2019.

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