Editor's pick of 5 ways to combat freelance loneliness

The nature of precautions enforced to curb the spread of COVID-19 forces tons of individuals into isolation.

While a recent report revealed that there are more Malaysians working from home than the global average, coping as a freelancer in this environment can be challenging, especially if they experience loneliness, which can affect their output.

So this Monday, we’re interrupting our usual scheduled programming to bring you MARKETING Magazine’s personal top 5 favourite tips from Antonino Lupo of Creativepool’s ’10 ways to fend off freelance loneliness in 2021′:

1. Jump on more calls than usual

Your room can feel so empty when all you’re doing is eating, sleeping and working all day. As an introvert, I’m a big fan of not picking up the phone to actually get on a phone call with people, and I’d much rather be left alone. But you wouldn’t believe how helpful it can be to just hear the voice of another human being.

Call your friends, partner, fellow freelancers or close relatives. They’ll always have something to say, and simply talking with them is bound to cheer you up a lot.

2. Learn to know your own mind

I’m not personally a big fan of meditation and spiritual practices, but I hear it helps. There are tons of mindfulness apps out there that can help you filter out the stress of your daily tasks to channel it into positive energy. It sounds like a lot of gibberish, but so many have found innumerable benefits by unplugging for as little as 30 minutes a day.

It can’t hurt to try, right?

3. Find a pet!

My dreams of adopting a cat in 2020 vanished into thin air, and I suppose it will be the same for my 2021. But if you can, please adopt a pet! Be it a dog or a cat, a fish or a hamster, whatever you choose will keep you company and cheer you up whenever you feel lost.

Plus, you’ll have a real excuse to send pet videos to your friends now.

4. Connect with other freelancers & help others!

Perhaps the most important advice of all: find some time to connect. If you have someone in your house to spend time with, that’s perfect – but it still won’t hurt to reach out to other professionals and share your stories with one another. If you are a seasoned freelancer, you probably know already that the freelance community is extremely supportive.

You can find loads of active, warm and caring freelance communities across all social platforms, including here on Creativepool.

If you are already in a community of freelancers, why not be the one encouraging others to reach out? We all feel somewhat lonely these days, but not everyone will have the confidence or strength to admit it. By taking the first step and offering your support (especially on social media), you may be pushing someone in the right direction.

It will also lead you to connect with others, which in turn will help you stay more active in a community. See? There’s no way you can lose with selflessness.

5. Remember: it’s not your fault

Most importantly, don’t forget this has nothing to do with you. This pandemic is out of everybody’s best attempts to control it, governments included. What can a single person to where entire organisations scramble to distribute vaccines? This pandemic has nothing to do with you and you should remember that things will go back to normal soon.

That should keep you encouraged, hopeful and motivated, until a brighter tomorrow approaches.

To find out what the remaining 5 tips are, visit Creativepool.

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