Directors Think Tank sign director Darrel Hyon-Le’

Directors Think Tank, APAC production house of the year as voted by Campaign Brief Asia ‘The Work’, have added director Darrel Hyon-Le’ to the team.

Darrel’s craft is firmly in creating stunning visual narrative. However, he has an obsession with detail that creates work that is layered, textured, visceral and filled with emotional cues. Darrel puts his unique stamp and passion to the work often with sound play creating memorable mellifluous tales or when the task calls for it, comedic treatments that have proven to be always a trusted positivity prescription..

Darrel has worked with a wide range of local and international clients including AirAsia, Carlsberg, Malaysian Airlines, Cadbury, Celcom, AIA Insurance, Perodua, U-Mobile, Cathy Pacific and Nestle. He has ‘picked up’ numerous awards at global and regional award shows including Spikes, Kancils and New York Festivals Advertising Awards.

Hyon-Le’ says, ”Excitement is definitely the word I would use to describe me joining the team at Directors Think Tank. I have been a great admirer of DTT work over the years and I believe DTT DNA and passion will help me pivot into the next phase of creative expression as a director. I am very much looking forward to doing more celluloid story telling with DTT in it’s various and growing markets in the region”.

Pat Singh, Executive Producer, Directors Think Tank says,”Darrel brings so much passion and hard work to every idea. DTT DNA is to build our team from within, but taking Darrel on board just felt right. Darrel will be based in our KL office, but will work very closely with both the Singapore and Indonesia office’s, as well as across the greater Asia region and beyond”.

“The team at DTT are really excited to work with Darrel on crafting emotional films, heart piercing drama and ‘cool’ special effects work and everything else we can collaborate on. We share a common vision on how we tell our stories. We are very happy that Darrel joined DTT, his passion and persona is also a great addition to the team. I look forward to seeing his career continue to strengthen and shine with our management” added Stephen Douglas, Executive Director, Directors Think Tank.

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