Directors Think Tank and Grey connects with TM Digital for Digital Malaysia

Directors Think Tank and director Maurice Noone recently delivered the latest TM Digital spot via Grey Malaysia.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad  has launched its short film titled “Reach Further, for a better Malaysia”. The film shows how we are all interconnected with each other thanks to Digital Malaysia powered by TM.

The theme of “Reach Further” represents both the importance of connectivity reach and the importance for all of us to reach further to help each other achieve our dreams.

With Digital Malaysia, everyone is interconnected, so when one person acts, it impacts the lives of many. This connection was told through the story of a boy who ordered his nasi lemak online.

His action proceeds to create a ripple effect reaching further into the economy and society; from the delivery person who sent his food, the mak cik who prepared it, her husband who manages their website so that they can pay for their child’s education, who contributes to software development that makes farming more efficient, and benefits the lives of many others. All, leveraging on TM’s national telecommunications’ network.

“We’re excited to present this film and humbled to be able to depict the role we play in the service of the nation,” said Vice President, Group Brand and Communication of TM, Izlyn Ramli. “Our Warga TM dedicate themselves behind the scenes every day to help make life easier for our customers and Malaysia, and this film has captured the spirit of how all that can impact the lives around us.”

Ramli added “The people we serve are the backbone of this nation, and we are proud to enable them to be digitally connected to each other and prosper together and I believe if we can inspire just one person to reach further, it will ripple across the nation to create a better Malaysia for us all and it captures the essence of Digital Malaysia and how TM plays a unique role to enable this aspiration.”

“Our challenge was to define the huge impact of Digital Malaysia in a very simple way to all Malaysians,” said Chief Creative Officer of Grey Worldwide, Graham Drew. “Simple enough for anyone who sees it to relate to it, feel part of it and understand it. So we featured people from all walks of life and showed a story of how we are all interconnected.”

“We wanted to create a film that felt seamless, from one scene to the next; from the script, to the framing, to the sound design, there’s a pace to it,” said Creative Director of Grey Group KL, Adrian Ho. “So Maurice, the director, and I sat down and designed every single frame together. He was a joy to work with, and all this was possible thanks to him. Unlike other TM films we’ve done, this one was lighter and more hopeful, exactly what we needed during these times of recovery and rebuilding of the nation.”

The film was summarised under the theme of ‘Reach Further’. Each person featured within the story was a representation of the lives TM has reached out to, ending on a simple message of how a simple act from us, can start a chain reaction of progress that ripples through every Malaysian, reaching further aspirations and people.

‘The film is all about connection and empowerment,” said Co-Founder/Director, Directors Think Tank, Maurice Noone. “We are all connected, whether we are a farmer, the owner of a roadside stall, a student, a delivery rider, a industrial worker, or even a IT professional –  all through Digital Malaysia – and our lives are enriched and enabled by TM in hidden ways that we might not immediately realise.”


Client : Telekom Malaysia
Agency : Grey Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew
Creative Director: Adrian Ho / Loo Chun Guan
Copywriter: Brendan Low
Producer : Suzy Chiang
Art Director: Atie Ismail
Account Director: Cindy Quek
Production House: Directors Think Tank
Film Director : Maurice Noone
Producer : Deshen Heng
DOP : Julian Oh
Art Dept : Senilab
Editor : Pan
Post House : DTT Post
Music and Sound Design: TWO AM Music

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