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 Sea Yen, Ong, Vice President of Sales for Spotify, Asia: 4 digital advertising trends to watch in 2018

Ong Sea Yen, Vice President of Sales for Spotify Asia
Sea Yen, Ong, Vice President of Sales for Spotify, Asia explains that there are four digital advertising trends that marketers ought to be on the lookout in order to keep up with the continuous digital shift.
Firstly, the marketer needs to understand the customer and having ads that offer an added value. The obvious winners in digital advertising are Facebook and Google whose ads not only enhance consumer experience but also the value contributes to positive business outcomes for marketers. Usage of data-rich platforms get better at interpreting moments, context and interest signals, so too does their ability to drive true consumer value.
Next, 2018 will be the year to start paving the way for native advertising and sponsored content.  Business Insider predicted that native advertising will drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. Native advertising is seen as beneficial due to its scalability and the quality of the ads.
Thirdly, marketers need to realise that knowing when and where to serve an ad is as important as who and what to serve. Understanding consumer context and mood are incredibly important and increasingly possible with everything becoming connected.

Lastly, digital audio consumption reaches its tipping point. Today the priority is about having access to content, rather than owning content. For example, Spotify users spend 148 minutes a day listening to music on the Spotify platform.

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