Digi Commits to Safer Internet Practices


Digi Telecommunications continues its push for progressive community development, with its latest effort focusing on promoting safer Internet practices. To commemorate the move, Digi is introducing a series of Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos. The focus of the series is to promote safer Internet practices. They are all produced in conjunction with Safer Internet Day 2019, following the theme – Together for a Better Internet.

The clips will be playing across 30 Digi Stores nationwide on 14 and 15 February 2019. Notably, some of them feature current Cabinet Ministers, Digi’s senior leadership, and leading digital innovators.

While the videos will only air over two days, they can be found on the Digi YouTube channel. Besides that, these videos will also be screening at various Digi Yellow Heart Initiative events.

According to Philip Long, Head of Sustainability for Digi, there must be a proactive way to push for a safer Internet. For him, even as the Internet becomes more accessible, everyone must be responsible with its use. This includes being able to discern what can bring positive results or have potential risks.

“Digi is obsessed with our vision to create a safer internet experience for all. At the same time, we also want to strengthen the digital resilience skills for all Malaysians against online dangers. We are hoping that in creating awareness and having the right knowledge will empower more parents to take an active role in their children’s online experience. This must include having the ability to identify multiple types of cyber risks,” he shared.

“Showing these clips in our retail stores for these two days will augment the other activities that are being carried out via our social media channels,” he added.

Making the Internet Safer

For Digi, these videos are part of the on-going efforts that its Yellow Heart Initiative is undertaking. In fact, Digi’s latest online safety survey – Digi Yellow Heart Cyberbullying and Youth Disposition Survey – serves as the primary driver for the PSAs. Some of the critical data from the 10-month long survey reveals that:

  • 20% of Malaysian youth are victims of cyber-bullying for more than a year
  • 42% knows someone who are still experiencing this problem
  • Most youths are more aware about digital resilience and are working towards addressing these issues

“There is still so much to do if we want to ensure the youths in our country have the sufficient skills and knowledge to be resilient in the face of digital disruption. After all, the internet and smartphone trends are now all-pervasive in our lives. This is why we need to do our part introducing safer Internet practices; this is we can make it better for generations to come,” Philip observes.

Text by: Victor Yap

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