Digi believes in nurturing digital talents for a future ready business

Digi hosted its third Digital Day, a key company-wide event where employees’ jobs for the day are to focus on learning about new innovations disrupting the market, and how digital is driving a new set of behaviours among users.

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan said, “Widespread digital disruption is changing the industry, the way we work, and our customers’ lifestyles.

“And if the world around us and our business is evolving, so must our people.

“Continuous learning, upskilling and reskilling will enable all of us to adapt to the rapid changes that digital brings, changes that are most times not within our control.

“Our role here as an organisation is to make sure that every single employee has the opportunity to get on the digital bandwagon.”

Deeply embedded in the company’s DNA and its way of work are the philosophies of innovation 360° and being customer-obsessed.

The former belief encourages employees to innovate every day, either by doing things differently or doing different things whether big or small, whereas the latter reflects on a culture that places customers at the center of everything the company and its employees do.

These beliefs helped form the theme and content of this year’s Digital Day – Discover What Matter Most – with a wide range of speakers, panel discussions, masterclasses and a digital fair to broaden Digizens’ understanding of current and future technologies influencing customer behavior.

Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Chief Digital Officer introducing Digi Digital Day.

“For us in Digi, everyday innovation is purposeful and intended to improve the lives of our customers.

“More than inventing something new regardless of its value, it is focused on creating innovations that connect customers to what matters most to them.

“That is why it is important that Digizens have the opportunity to develop skills and competencies through continuous learning, and be able to bring more value to customers and chart their own career growth.”

There are two key company-wide events in Digi’s calendar that reflects its innovation 360° and customer-obsessed beliefs.

Customer Engagement Day, which saw over 1,000 Digizens hit the streets to engage and appreciate customers this August, and Digital Day.

This third instalment of Digital Day saw a mix of speakers and panellists from venture accelerators, start-ups, MNCs, industry bodies and NGOs from gaming, health, insurance and broadcast media speaking on driving digital disruptions to their benefit.

The digital fair showcased an array of exciting technologies relevant to how we work, live, learn and play.

Some of the innovations include ECS-DJI drones, VR Pods, SoCar, Honestbee, as well as display items from Samsung, Microsoft and Ericsson.

There was also a Digi Gallery which featured digital innovations that were ideated and built internally to improve Digi’s business ecosystem, processes and operations.

The keynote address was delivered by Jordan Schlipf, the Innovation Partner from Rainmaking who spoke about corporate innovation in the past, present and future, sharing how companies are able to innovate effectively.

This was followed by a talk by AXA Chief Executive Officer for Life Insurance, Rohit Nambiar, who shared how an insurance company is leading efforts to disrupt the healthcare insurance industry.

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