Did Your Maker help IPC create the most un-Christmas commercial ever?

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For Christmas this year, Your Maker along with IPC released “the first-ever” Malay commercial that doubles as a parody of Mamat Khalid’s popular Kampung Pisang movies.

The 5-minute commercial shows villagers in a meeting discuss what they believed was paranormal activity they were experiencing over the last few days. It is then revealed by one of the villager that it is in fact “Tomte”, a gnome-like creature from Sweeden, sent to the village to help the villagers as part of his ‘overseas training’. This placed him in Kampung Pishang alongside characters that parody those you would find in Mamat Khalid films such as Hantu Kak Limah.

Your Maker led the project and the commercial was directed by Esham Shahlin. Others involved in the commercial include PRS Films, Farique Nazir, Grand Theft Records and deTOUCHE.

Watch the full commercial here.

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