Astro turned parent’s pain to Gain

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Minding healthy kids is no child’s play during any form of CMO, as parents balance providing care, love and nutrition in anxious times.

As parents spent longer time with their children at home, they face a new set of challenges.

Similarly, Similac Gain Plus️ Gold threw a challenge to Astro on how the brand’s message could break through to parents without drowning them in scientific facts why Similac Gain Plus️ Gold was a great solution.

The answer came in creating fresh meaningful content that truly connected.

With Parenting Education content highlighting the challenges faced by parents and how they could communicate with their kids better, Astro and Similac Gain Plus️ Gold drove a campaign across Astro’s media network and platforms.

As a result, product sales rose by 15.4% (July vs August 2020) and its market share in the premium Instant Milk Formula gained 140bps. Brand awareness was buoyed by TV reach of 800K and 680K of digital video views, with social media hitting highs of 745K reach. Watch the full case study here.

But Astro’s Media Solutions Team, AMS, does more than take care of growing children.

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