Creative showcase: Whopper of a blunder!

Death by Twitter.

Tweeters had a field day recently when Burger King ran a full page ad in the New York Times to mark International Women’s Day. The provocative headline ran alongside an announcement of their H.E.R. (Helping Equalize Restaurants) scholarships to support women chefs. 

Even though the body copy explains the headline: “Fine dining kitchens, food truck kitchens, award-winning kitchens, casual dining kitchens, ghost kitchens, Burger King kitchens. If there’s a professional kitchen, women belong there.”, it was too good for tweeters to ignore. 

They picked on the headline “Women belong in the kitchen” and viralised it into a Twitter storm in no time. 

While Burger King tried to explain itself in subsequent tweets, KFC’s official gaming account tweeted a mocking meme in response:

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