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As we grow, the business of marketing is increasingly about the business of business.

There is no question CMO (Chief Marketing Officers) and CEOs need to be close partners in order for business to succeed.

CMOs nowadays lead transformation, bottom lines, long term business strategy, market expansion and more.

They truly drive the business unlike most C-suite players, with responsibility for P&L, COGS and ROI…

We are proud our CMO winners have gone on to head companies and sit on boards.

Winners have also expanded their roles to include regional and Asia footprints.

From Marketing ROI to Company ROI.

This year, we have not just pivoted our focus and criteria for the Malaysian CMO Awards, we have taken a leap of faith.

Adding value to their accomplishments….

Nominations hand-picked by industry leaders 

The editorial committee of MARKETING Magazine and key industry watchers independently curate a list of potential marketing high-performers who fit the criteria.

They will then be invited for a 20-30 mins face to face “interview” session with reputable CEOs and Board-level players, who have evaluated their dossier, on December 9.

Global growth and advisory firm Ipsos Strategy3 has been engaged by the CMO Awards Organisers as their Knowledge Partner to prepare all nominations.

Nominees are not required to submit their details via online forms anymore.

Instead, Nominees will be contacted for phone interviews to complete their details.

There are also no categories, as nominations will compete openly, industry categories will be attributed in their victories subsequently.

Learnings from Global CMO survey  

According to the global Growth CMO Survey 2022/23 by the CMO Alliance:

  • Brand and Customer Marketing are becoming much more important aspects of growth-focused marketing teams.
  • CMOs who regularly collaborate with Finance departments are 21.7% more effective at meeting growth goals.
  • Roughly half of all CMOs have gaps in their tech stacks preventing them from meeting their goals.
  • CMOs who have their growth goals dictated to them without any collaboration are 15.11% less effective at meeting their goals than those who collaborate with their CEO and the C-suite. A lack of clear, shared goals is the biggest obstacle to inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Marketing teams built with meeting growth goals as a top priority are 44.18% more effective at meeting their goals than those built without it as a consideration.

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