Balik kampung with Malaysia Airlines and Reprise for Hari Raya

Reprise Digital Malaysia devised a ‘balik kampung’ (homecoming) campaign with client Malaysian Airlines Berhad for the recent festive season.

The two-part campaign launched with the release of a special festive video for Malaysia Airlines titled ‘Sama-Sama Balik Kampung’.

The two-and-a-half-minute video built the story around the journeys back to hometowns, and common experiences around the familiar tastes, scents and people who matter in life.

Amir Faiz, Group Creative Director of Reprise said, “This year’s Raya video received wide positive social sentiment. The feel-good storyline stripped off the theatrics and delivered a simple message people could relate to.

“This translated to numerous shares around consumers’ own balik kampung experiences and what they looked forward to most during festive periods, as well as helping to build tremendous brand love towards our national carrier.”

At present, the ‘Sama-Sama Balik Kampung’ video has generated views of over 7.7 million views on YouTube and 4.2 million views on Facebook.

The accompanying social media campaign, ‘MH Fund My Balik Kampung’, followed up to urge Malaysians around the world to send in their stories, with the winning entry being given the grand prize to fulfil their ‘balik kampung’ wish by being sent home with Malaysia Airlines.

In his winning entry, Fadhli Jamaludin shared that this year would likely be his last chance to travel back to his hometown for quite some time, as he was soon to begin working as a full-time medical assistant, making the possibility of coming home entirely dependent on his assigned station.

Amir added, “Fadhli’s story resonated with lots of Malaysians who voted for him to get his wish. However, nobody realised that there would be a twist to these events.

“On the day he received news of his win, he got into an accident, leaving him with a fractured leg. Wondering about the lack of response, the team did some investigation, learnt about the accident and got in touch with him through some of his friends.

“He was extremely excited but realised he wouldn’t be able to get discharged for the flight. Instead, his mum took a bus from Alor Setar to visit her son in the hospital. We were extremely happy to eventually bring them back home.”

“I can’t describe how sad I was when I found out that my son couldn’t come home for Raya.

“The Malaysia Airlines team were determined to get Fadhli home the moment his doctors allowed his discharge, which thankfully came through on the eve of Hari Raya, and he managed to make it back to surprise his dad and siblings,” said Pn. Jamaludin.

“Both videos truly highlighted the importance of cherished moments of ‘Balik Kampung’, alongside the real and heavy emotions attached to it.

“The entire Reprise and Malaysia Airlines team were pleased to have played a part in helping Fadhli’s family get the Raya blessings they longed for.

“This was also about the customer experience, as both Fadhli and his mother were treated with care and respect resulting in Fadhli expressing his gratitude and delight to return home to his family. This is a perfect example of Malaysian Hospitality.” said Amir.

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