Astro Radio introduces SYOK app, Everything Got!

Astro Radio has launched SYOK, a multilingual entertainment and lifestyle platform that offers Malaysians live radio, original videos, exclusive podcasts, articles and contests.

SYOK which houses all 25 radio brands under one roof, is available online and on the mobile app to cater to changing media consumption patterns.

(L-R) Daphne Lourdes, General Manager, Digital & Marketing, Astro Radio; Prem Anand, SYOK Project Manager, Astro Radio; Ramesh Sankey, Director, Astro Radio & Rocketfuel Entertainment

The strength of SYOK lies in its ability to reach wide and diverse segments of Malaysians with popular talents and its extensive reach online, on social media, radio and on-ground.

SYOK users get to stream all 25 Astro Radio brands as well as gain access to SYOK Originals featuring bespoke short-form videos, and SYOKcast – exclusive podcasts produced by SYOK.

Users will also be able to stay up-to-date via current articles, news and traffic updates, plus stand a chance to win cool prizes.

SYOK app demo by Daphne Lourdes, General Manager, Digital & Marketing, Astro Radio

Daphne Lourdes, Astro Radio’s General Manager of Digital & Marketing said, “At present, Astro Radio has 16.7 million weekly listeners on air and 27 million social media followers…we aim to extend our reach and deepen our engagement with SYOK.”

She went on to say that last year, they received close to 1 billion video views across their brands and want to create more original videos to connect with our audience.

The company will also focus on growing its SYOKcast network by working with local podcasters to create niche audio content.

SYOK launch hosts (from L-R) Ean, HITZ, Ahila, RAAGA, Hani, ERA, Jacky, MY.

Through these additional content pillars, they will be able to offer new advertising and sponsorship opportunities for their partners to engage with their audiences.

Recently, they ran a digital quiz for PEPSI’s Ramadhan balik kampung campaign on SYOK, which generated 23,000 entries in just 5 days.

They managed to achieve these results by leveraging the combined strengths of its multi-platform assets along with attractive prizes.

SYOK launch with Astro Radio announcers

Available onlinesince January 2019, SYOK has garnered an average of 1.2 million monthly unique web visitors and a social media following of more than 500,000.

Home of all Astro Radio brands, the SYOK app can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store or visit SYOK online.

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