APPIES Malaysia 2016 Campaign Spotlight – Twerking towards a Gold


Cheras to cheras

( – The get ‘Get Cheras to Cheras’ tune is still stuck in many Malaysian’s heads. IKEA and its agency BBH, the creative geniuses behind the campaign, were awarded the best presenter and the gold award for this year’s APPIES Awards.

After 20 years, IKEA has opened a new store in Cheras, an underdeveloped area in KL with no easily accessible public transport.

To ensure Malaysians remembered the store’s location, they created a pop song with puns using IKEA furniture names. The song was so entertaining and catchy, no one could forget the store’s location. Overnight, “Get Cheras to Cheras” became a national catchphrase.

The video garnered 1.3 million views in total on the brand’s social platforms and achieved 46% above target footfall on the opening day, which is 1.5x higher than an average day at IKEA Damansara.

MARKETING spoke to Hong Keng Chien, Copywriter for BBH who presented at the awards.

– What was the most memorable question asked by the judges during you presentation?

“How did you manage to tell Malaysians to get their asses to Cheras, and still pass censorship?” It helped that our entire ad was a pun, so we never had to explicitly say “Get Your Ass To Cheras.” We were also extra anal during the recording sessions and made sure that the singer pronounced “Cheras” – “chuh rarse,” not “your ass” or “your arse.”

-How did you prep for the presentation and Q & A from the judges and delegates?

We had an internal “twerk-off” session, whereby we figured out the best way to twerk while seeming professional when presenting. When that didn’t work, we had a few dry runs over IKEA meatballs.
And what would Keng Chien have done differently if she had to do it again? Sing the whole presentation to the tune of “Get Cheras to Cheras” was her answer.

Check out their winning case study below:

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