APPIES 2019 Quick Chat: Noreen Sabrina Mohd Noor, Head, Brand Comms, MDEC

This round of APPIES 2019 Quick Chat will be featuring seasoned marketer, Noreen Sabrina Mohd Noor; she is the Head of Brand Communications for the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Seeing digital transformation affecting economies first-hand, Noreen is able to provide insights on what to expect. As for what she wants to see at this year’s APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards, she is looking forward to plenty of things. Primarily, her expectations are focus on fresh ideas.

“Many things have happened in 2018 and we even witnessed major changes in many parts of Malaysia; advertising and marketing sectors included. It will be interesting to see how marketers creatively manoeuvred through these challenges in the last year,” she said.

With digital disruption now taking place in full force, nearly every industry is experiencing some level of change. For Noreen, the hardest hit are advertising and marketing as the digital impact on advertising is part of a larger shift.

Various data-sets show that consumers are moving away from traditional media channels. “Case in point, Instagram hasn’t even launched a decade ago and has now surpassed 800 million active monthly users; of course, I have no doubt the advertising industry in the next five years will look dramatically different,” she added.

As is, the emergence of new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), will cause more disruptions. Noreen believes the future of advertising will be fully automated, intelligent, and experiential.

“The convergence of these innovations will change how brands will buy advertisements. Indeed, the coming together of AI, automation, and human creativity will transform this industry and we’re just beginning to see what’s possible,” she shared.

When it comes to pitches, both for APPIES and the regulars she makes time for, there are a few things to keep-in-consideration. Firstly, how marketers are innovative in their approach to address business challenges. Secondly, will the concept or execution be disruptive? “Personally, disruptors are the ones who are seen as creative, innovative, and cutting-edge. They also have discovered the right formula to engage with the target audience in the here and now,” she added.

Noreen feels that, in the digital age, marketing campaigns can no longer be just about brand or product awareness. Instead, she feels “It’s now all about brand engagement.”

As for giving that one advice to fellow marketers who are competing for APPIES gold, Noreen shared: “In one word: clarity! Try to get to the point fast, as the time allotted is limited. Just stress the big idea and business objectives, then turn your pitch into a story.” That, for her, will be a big consideration for the judges.

Submission deadline for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019: 15th March 2019. Extended deadline: 31st March 2019!

Submit online here:

More details on the event:

Submission deadline for APPIES Malaysia Marketing Awards 2019: 15th March 2019. Submit online here:

More details on the event:

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Text by: Victor Yap 

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