shopper360 Limited introduces ShopperPlus Myanmar

A new shopping experience, one that promises an interactive experience for consumers, is now available to Myanmar. Going by the name, ShopperPlus Myanmar, it is a joint-venture between the Pahtama Group and shopper360 Limited.

With this new platform, brands are able to improve their presence and visibility in supermarkets. This is achievable via in-store point-of-sale banners, product sampling, and promoters. All these and other immersive effort will improve the shopper experience and effectively communicate the brand’s message.

According to Chew Sue Ann, Executive Chairman of shopper360, this new service will reach out to and engage shoppers directly. The end result will to increase the in-store spending for consumers. Among the features that are on display at the launch include the all-new innovations and experimental in-store advertising formats. All of them, including the launch, are part of City Mart Holding’s Creative Fair.

“It is fantastic for our Myanmar team to have had the rare opportunity to host a retail creative fair. We have organised several creative fairs in the past for our customers in Malaysia. However, this is the first time that our in-store advertising formats are on display for live in-stores,” Sue Ann shared.

For her, ShopperPlus Myanmar did a remarkable job showcasing the best from Malaysia. Of course, it also showcase what it can do for brands in-store that operate within Myanmar.

“We had a positive response from those who came and, more importantly, it is evident of the great partnership we have with our retail partner City Mart Holdings,” Sue Ann added.

Text by: Victor Yap 

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