Announcement for all digital content makers

1 month ago

In the words of the Founder and Global Chief Creative Officer of TGH Collective, Tay Guan Hin himself, “If you’ve always dreamt of being able to tell a great story and utilize your mobile phone really well to this end. don’t miss out on the vertical story-telling workshop 18th Feb in Malaysia.”

We host our phones vertically 95% of the time. The form factor of the phones makes it easy for us to hold it vertically than horizontally. This explains why Facebook Stories, Snapchat, and most video applications are now focused on vertical formats.

According to Guan Hin, mastering the digital medium is an art and mobile phones have become the default way of content consumption overtaking tv, radio, newspapers and even the pc. In developed countries like the US, Japan, and Singapore, digital penetration is almost 100%.

The present reality is, there is so much content available at the fingertip that consumers can immediately choose to view new content without hesitation. 

Guan Hin’s workshop on February 18 is designed to help executives, manager and directors who are in-charge of a brand’s digital content, to create stories and videos that stand out, vertically. 

By challenging the do’s and don’t’s you’ve been taught when it comes to creating videos, Guan Hin will expose you to a whole new array of possibilities within vertical storytelling. 

Book your seats now for the limited workshop on February 18 2020. 




APPIES 2020 MARKETING CAMPAIGNS CONFERENCE is all about Sharing, Learning and Excellence, in the form of a Day Conference with the aim of raising professionalism and talent in the marketing industry.

Your best, most creative campaign from the past 12 months stands a chance to be shown-off to the country’s best in the industry you want to thrive in. Submit your entry before the deadline, your hard work deserves the recognition.

The campaign submission entry fee: RM 1,500 + 6% SST (includes a fee for 1 entry submission + pass to stay throughout the conference day + one seat at awards dinner same evening)

Submissions Deadline:
12 March 2020

Announcement of Finalists:
16 March 2020

Submit entry now:

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