ADA Business Insights helps Businesses Make Better Decisions

ADA (part of the Axiata Group), the largest company in Asia that integrates data, insight, media, and content to deliver business outcomes is set to change the traditional way businesses make decisions.

What used to be market research, using past data points, and trends to predict future outcomes is now replaced with detailed data-driven business insights.

These insights allow businesses to look at the essential who, what, where, when, why, and hows – questions that boggle those in sales, marketing, and strategy – taking the guesswork out in exchange for actionable customer insights.

Helping businesses make better decisions is the ADA difference, through the expert data analytics of ADA Business Insights. While Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) is nothing new to digitally savvy marketers, it will not produce measurable business outcomes without knowing what data to crunch and translating it into meaningful insights.

Ultimately, good data can tell you the basics of who your customers are, and where your products are selling; however, great data can tell you why. Using data to bridge the digital gap, ADA built two dashboards to serve the Mobile (manufacturing) and telecommunications industries.

Vittorio Furlan, Head of Busines Insights, ADA, says, “ADA Business Insights exists to provide businesses with tangible and measurable data-driven outcomes…by combining data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the team created proprietary dashboards to help specific industries drive marketing or sales strategies to the right customers.”

Vittorio Furlan, Head of Busines Insights, ADA

The Mobile Business Insights Dashboard (Mobile BID) was engineered to present manufacturers with actionable data to better plan and drive business strategies. Mobile BID provides manufacturers with an in-depth understanding on the motives behind consumer smartphone purchases:

  • Customer pain points
  • Device market share by country, province, and geohash-level1 view
  • Device age data
  • Gauge a consumer’s willingness to upgrade their devices

In the highly competitive space of telecommunications, the Telco Business Insights Dashboard (Telco BID) was formed specifically for telco and broadband providers to switch up the dynamics of their sales and marketing strategies. With Telco BID, providers get the advantage with the power of insights to seamlessly track telco and broadband market share in a particular region, as well as:

  • Estimate a customer’s tendency to switch providers
  • Get deep intel and confidently answer questions about competitors
  • Understand churn2 and migration patterns
  • Capture and convert multi-SIM usage

Here’s how Telco BID and our propriety data management platform (DMP), Xact, has helped a client, who ranks #2 in terms of market share penetration:

  • Aggregate geohash-level market data by sales territories
  • Increase market penetration by targeting specific audience segments
  • Increase retail footprint by optimising store network
Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO, ADA,

Commenting on the ADA difference, Srinivas Gattamneni, CEO, ADA, said, “the world is evolving at lightning-fast speed – thanks to new-found digital capabilities – therefore businesses need to shape up, evolve, or become extinct, and fast. ADA provides the solutions to ease key players into this transformation.”

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