5 Insider Tips on Crafting an Award Winning Submission

The deadline to submit nominations for the Chief Marketing Officer Awards 2019; organised by Marketing Magazine Asia, has been extended till October 25. Our phones have been constantly ringing with questions regarding the submissions and it seems like our busy marketers need just a little bit more time to complete their application.

If you’re currently feeling stuck on your submission to nominate yourself or someone in the industry; we’ve put together five (5) insider tips on writing an award-winning submission to get you inspired.

1.Look at your submission from the judges’ point of view

As judges are faced with hundreds of applications for a single award, it’s no surprise that they might experience judging fatigue. It might be tempting to craft your submission by listing down all your achievements in chronological order. But in a huge stack of applications, will your list of achievements seem that much more impressive than the 50 applicants before you? Probably not. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and imagine yourself as someone judging the submissions. Think about what type of narrative would catch your attention and then have a little fun with it so your judge has fun reading it as well; which is the best way to stand out in a pool of applications.

2. Give a platform for your voice

Whether you’re submitting a nomination for yourself or for a colleague, the application is a process that you own. Be sure to use a narrative when explaining why your nomination deserves the award. Let your voice be heard through so your application becomes more personal.

If you’re concerned your voice isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to insert your customers as well. Who better to talk you up than the customers you’ve helped? You can use their testimonials as pull quotes and decorate your application with compliments.

It’s all about leaving an impression that lasts throughout the other submissions and your personal voice has more value than any cookie-cutter submission.

3. Don’t just tell, show

As you start typing out everything you’ve achieved in relation to the award, don’t get lost in the text. Even if you don’t, the judges might. Use graphics or graphs or diagrams or illustrations or charts or even emoticons, if you must. Pictures and videos if you have any. Not making your submission text-heavy, will also help make it more engaging and easier to comprehend.

4. Seek out constructive criticism/feedback

You should probably do this before you even start with your application but if you haven’t, it’s not too late. Your bosses and colleagues who root for you are your best tools for submitting a successful nomination. Their take on what makes you special and worthy of the award you’re applying for will help you step outside of your direct line of vision and give you peripheral view on milestones you might have missed.

5. Take your time to read the application

Perhaps the most obvious but important tip we can give you is to actually read the submission criteria thoroughly. There are some specific information the application requires and if you miss these, your submission won’t even make it to the judging table – which would be such a waste!

A bonus tip #6: look at the CMO Award winners from 2018 and read up on their accolades so you get a sense of what the standards are. You can see the full list of the 2018 winners here: https://marketingmagazine.com.my/here-are-your-2018-cmo-awards-winners/

The CMO Awards 2019 is happening on November 15th. It’s still not too late to submit your applications for nomination. For more information, please click here. Nominations are accepted for client-side senior marketers including CMO/VP/GM/Head Advertising/Marketing/Retail/Data/Digital in brand marketing. Nominations for Rising Stars are for candidates 30 years and below.

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