Yay or Nay? Our readers have spoken!

It looks like the latest Tourism Malaysia logo for Visit Malaysia 2020 has not really taken off in a big way among the readers of Marketing Magazine.

In an online poll that was recently concluded, we found out that only 42 percent of our readers liked the latest logo.

A whopping 58 percent did not approve of the latest logo and this is a perfect example of how branding campaigns can come unstuck in the online arena.

The design, primarily inspired by batik print tradition, featured a rhinoceros hornbill that represents the fauna and eco-adventures in Malaysia.

A red hibiscus flower – the bunga raya – reflected a celebration of cultural diversity, while the wild fern – paku pakis – invited the world to a table of Malaysian cuisine.

Apparently, now there is also some controversy surrounding the fact that the logo may have been inspired by graphics found on Shutterstock.

But then again, the creative process always starts with inspiration that is gathered from a myriad of sources.

One particular netizen sought to tone down all the hype surrounding the matter.


Anyway, at least the new logo is definitely better than the previous one.

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