Why Malaysia should NOT be the next Silicon Valley

4 years ago

In her insightful article in The Star Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of MDeC takes a peek into the future by sharing how Amazon was revolutionising the transportation and logistics industry by launching its own drone delivery programme, Prime Air.

“A few short years ago, this would have been classified as “the future”. Well, the future is now. Prime Air exists and works today, and regulatory frameworks are on catch up mode to keep up” Datuk Yasmin wrote.

Continuing the theme of looking into future, she shared how Silicon Valley started off and evolved to create ‘the world’s biggest hotbed of technical innovation.’

Bringing up the top tech companies such as Google, Baidu and Skype who grew from Silicon Valley she highlighted that uniqueness that was Silicon Valley, from its acceptance of the geeky” eccentrics to its forwards thinking culture.

But when people said that Malaysian’s tech ecosystem MSC should be the “next Silicon Valley” why did Datuk Yasmin think otherwise?

Read her reasoning and her thoughts looking into the future on this issue here.