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WARC Creative 100 now available

The successor to the popular Gunn Report, what WARC calls the WARC Creative 100, is now out; those keen in checking out the data can download the report here.

As the first of the three new WARC Rankings system, the WARC Creative 100 is laying down the groundwork; mostly for the latest creativity, effectiveness, and media performance benchmarks that are being introduced. All these will be measuring competing advertisements and marketing campaigns; especially for those that are in the running to be a part of this new awards listing.

Beyond the new research capabilities, marketers will also find the following within the WARC Creative 100:

  • Three themes from the world’s most creative campaigns
  • Top 10 Marketing Campaigns for creativity
  • Top 10 creative agencies, networks, holding companies, brands, advertisers, and countries with commentary
  • Insight into the WARC Creative 100 methodology

Of course, the other reports that will complete the entire WARC Rankings list are the WARC Effective 100 and WARC Media 100.

Text by: Victor Yap

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