Volkswagen channels the past into the future

1 year ago

Back in 2015, Volkswagen was really in trouble. Their diesel emissions scandal threatened to derail the company.

Now four years later, the company has taken the bold move to address the past in a look towards a future of electric-powered mobility.

Turning a negative into a positive.

The spot, by VW’s new U.S. agency Johannes Leonardo, is backed by Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sounds of Silence.”

The spot shows the development of an electric version of VW’s classic Microbus, ending with the line, “In the darkness, we found the light. Introducing a new era of electric driving.”

Speaking to AdAge, “our biggest mistake has led to the biggest transformation in the company’s history,” said Jim Zabel, VW of America senior VP of marketing.

The company paid nearly US$31 billion in fines as the whole fiasco unfolded.

Some are praising the company for alluding to the past in their promise for sustainable mobility the future.

The advertisement will run as part of the “Drive Something Bigger Than Yourself” campaign that is all about the environmental benefits of going electric.

Source: Ad Age