Viu dominating ad view shares in OTT space

The days of us watching shows on television have ended, we’re all aware of that but it’s evolved beyond that from laptops to mobile screens. Small screen usage for long form consumption have shot up in popularity and are now the dominant medium. The Internet Users Survey (2017) shows that at least 70% of the respondents in Malaysia stream and download videos as their leisure activity.
The expanding internet accessibility has been an early catalyst for this with the ever-increasing mobile data caps boosting this growth exponentially. These new technologies that let us watch what we want on whatever device we want are transforming traditional television viewing habits. Internet access, data limits being removed and accessibility of quality smartphones have truly changed the way Malaysians consume TV content.

Leveraging on the boom of Malaysia’s OTT content market is Viu, an OTT premium content provider and streaming platform from Hong Kong, with a presence in over 15 markets worldwide.
Viu recently celebrated its second of year of operations here in Malaysia and its global subscription rates has tripled since 2017, from 6 million to 16 million monthly active users.  With advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) service being the key driver of the business, Viu has successfully mastered providing value to users and advertisers through contextual ads delivered in a more relevant and organic manner.
Till the finish line
Viu’s ad completion rates far outstrip any other video platforms, exceeding 80% completion for ads served on dramas and movies. Viu’s solid data analytics allows them to better curate an ads by placing them in front of the right audience – using the right shows to match the ad content increases contextual relevance. This is attributed to Viu’s premium content, coupled with the advertisers’ ability to select desired programmes to be associated with on Viu, the formula to this success.
Local Originality
Moving beyond serving 3rd party content, Viu is pushing ahead with its own originals in Malaysia – having already done over 900 episodes of Original episodes globally. Using its strength in data analytics, Viu is able to select original concepts that will appeal with its audience.
Furthermore, it allows Viu to identify exactly how it can fit in with specific advertisers through innovative use of both product placement and video advertising. With Viu’s originals, advertisers have a better control of spend beyond traditional means as well as being able to adjust their own marketing initiatives to better fit consumer interests and behaviors.
Hardly an advert
Placing an ad or even better branded content is buying into the editorial integrity of the programme and reaching consumers by association with the programme’s values. Going beyond mere product placements, Viu has worked with brands worldwide to create powerful, relevant branded originals.
With branded content, advertisers have the power to engage with consumers at their own terms and garner a number of significant benefits from having a deeper relationship with the programming and end consumers.

I AM WOMAN is an advertising funded production, celebrating extraordinary modern-day heroines, sharing the life stories of women who have found their strength and dominated in what has traditionally been male-led industries. This branded content was done as a collaboration between Prudential and Viu, giving Prudential a creative opportunity and platform to communicate its message of women empowerment.
Viewers can catch the latest and most popular Asian shows and more on Viu, accessible on mobile phones and tablets, as well as desktops. Download the Viu app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or visit Viu’s website at

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